Thursday, December 06, 2007

Safe place to vent...

Since I have been so bad with blogging and the only one who reads this even occasionally is Ms. Smitten, I thought this might be a good place to vent. Wow...this past year has really sucked. There have been good things that have happened but overall 2007 has really been a challenge for me and I am hoping that I am able to do whatever is necessary to make 2008 better.

Have I said lately how much I hate where we live? And I have stayed here so that at least one of my kids has a normal upbringing without being drug all over the country! She graduates in May so once she is settled in college next fall, I will be in a better position to go to be with Tanker and get away from here. The funny thing about this whole situation is that he has been told he will not be able to extend his orders past next November. So now he is working on what he will do when he comes back home (he doesn't want to go back to driving a big truck) puts me back in small town USA. WOOHOO!!!

I have just had one too many situations in the past few months where people that I thought I could count on have let me down. UGH...don't ask me what you can do to help, agree to do something when I ask, and then not follow through. I guess this is just another learning experience.

There have been too many medical situations this past year that I have become very comfortable not leaving the house. I know this is part of my problem...I need to get out more. The sad thing is that I get out to go to church (Sunday AM, Sunday PM, and Wednesday PM) and this is the only place where I have contact with anyone. And there is where I find the disappointment. I know that Christians are human too but there is something that makes the disappointment even greater when it is done by folks who claim to be Christian. Enough...for now!

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