Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Missing my soldier

It has finally stopped raining...and it didn't stop a minute too soon. But now they have been called for flood duty. I am proud of the work that the hubby does but I sure miss giving up my weekend with him.

And now he will probably just have time to fly through, get his clean clothes, and head on to his next assignment. He won't be home until just before Thanksgiving. Guess I need to look at this as a trial run for the deployment!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok I lied.

Maybe I am not as prepared for this deployment as I thought. I had an awful time sleeping last night. Need to get a plan together to not allow sleeplessness to become a real problem. Don't want to go through the whole "planning the funeral" thing again!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the ride begins....again!

We are rapidly approaching the beginning of deployment #2 and I need to vent.

After the last deployment, Tanker stayed on Active Duty for three years and just returned to the Guard at the beginning of this year. When he returned to the Guard, he was listed as non-deployable (by the Army). Now as the deployment approached, he was required to go through SRP and now, according to the great state of Louisiana, he is deployable! It is obvious they must need numbers! His feeling is that once they report to Camp Shelby in January, the Army will, once again, deem him non-deployable, and send him home. The sad thing is, he would be thrilled to go again. And if send him home, they may make him retire.

I have really accepted this whole situation. Find it rather funny to be honest. Maybe funny isn't the right word...but I am okay with it. If he goes, we will be fine. God has everything under control. My problem...and need to vent...comes from the way this deployment is being handled by his unit. Last weekend, I sat with him and went through my phone tree list from the beginning of the first deployment. Most of the guys are out. There are a couple of old timers like Tanker and only one or two young guys returning. So, that means that the majority of the troop are new guys who have not been through a deployment...and neither have their families.

So, when they had their pre-deployment briefing I would hope to find alot of folks there. I admit I don't know alot of these folks, but with three troops there and based on the number of soldiers, they were looking to have in excess of 575. Guess what? There were less than 100. And I knew 4 other families...who all had been through a deployment already! Where are the new folks? But then again, where was the command? I understand the commander isn't married, but it was a perfect opportunity to get out and get to know the family members. No show! Everyone complains about the lack of support from the FRG while they are gone but noone does anything to encourage communication either before or after deployment. And that is a whole other soap box I could get on!!!

We have a get together next weekend that the troop has planned for the families. Hopefully more will be involved! If not, I will probably vent about that too!!

Enough for now...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Latest Updates

Well, just when I think things are going to calm down and get back to normal (??) my world gets rocked again. And this time in a good way.

Our middle son, affectionately named Little Bubba, has moved home with his son...who will be all of three years old in October. Just when I thought I would be dealing with my empty nest...we are no longer empty.

And can I tell you that this child is a dream. Well...most of the time! We have had a couple of months to get used to all being together and have to admit that I would be kicking and screaming if they tried to take him away from me now!!!

For reasons I will never understand, his mother has given him to his dad and allowed them to move 10 hours away.As much as I wish they were all able to be together as a family, I am grateful that we will be able to spend time with him.

So, we are getting into a routine. The first week they were here was Vacation Bible School at our church and he had a ball. He is falling into the routine there and doing Children's Choir on Wednesday night. They are getting something ready for Christmas and I am hopeful he will sing along. He has Jesus Loves Me down pat and the babysitter says he will very often get the other kids to sing along with him!!

Little Bubba is working at the grain elevator where I work. They are in the middle of harvest so he is working 12-13 hours a day and is absolutely exhausted. It allows me time with Bryce in the evening but this kid sure loves to spend time with his dad. He will fight sleep with all he has just to spend a couple of minutes with daddy at night!!

So pray for Grandma! My 50th birthday is rapidly approaching and I sure didn't think I would be running around after a three year old but I will admit it is too much fun!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayers Needed

I went with a friend of mine to visit her best friend in the hospital last evening and it really was a slap in the face for me. We have dealt with a death in our extended family during the past few months and although I certainly was not ready for Bonnie Blue's Papa to leave us...I knew it was time. He had made his peace with the people he felt he needed to and his relationship with God was secure. I even had the "you need to tell him it is okay for him to go" discussion with his daughter. He was tired of fighting and just needed those he was leaving to let him know that it was okay.

Now I see this women who is younger than I am who has been fighting...and I mean FIGHTING...the situation she is in for years and she is just tired. And I cannot even begin to see how something good could come out of her passing. I firmly believe God has this all under control and normally don't question "why?" but this one is just beyond my understanding. I quess that is where faith comes in to play.

I spent the entire time driving to the hospital whining and complaining about a variety of things...only to get to the hospital and see that all that stuff doesn't matter. Please remember her in your prayers as well as her devoted husband and two children. She has been in the hospital for two weeks now and I don't think her husband has gone home once (not that we didn't offer to stay with her last night and send him home).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am back...for the tenth time!!

Finally back again! And this time it was over a year...guess you can take that to mean everything is going so well I don't need to blog nor have the time. It's a thought anyway!!!


1. Tanker needs a new name!! His unit has gone from a tank unit to a cav scout troop and is scheduled to redeploy to Iraq the beginning of 2010. As of today, he is non-deployable; however, he will have to go before the medical review board. He is expecting that to happen in September so just a few months of wondering. They introduced him at the cav ball last weekend as the "oldest cav scout" so my hope is they will find him more valuable left in the states. I know he wants to go...there are still several young guys that he considers his kids that he is concerned about but this is the one time I am being selfish and hoping he stays home.

2. Big Bubba and Ms. Smitten are doing well. Big Bubba has started taking the CPA exams and passed the first one...only 4 more to go (I think). Ms. Smitten starts back to school in the fall working on becoming a Physicians Assistant. No grands yet but they are doing very well. Hard to believe he will be 28 years old later this month. Surely he can't be 28...that makes me WAY to old!!!

3. Little Bubba has moved back here with us along with his almost 3 year old son. It has been an eventful few weeks getting used to a young one in the house again but I am really grateful they are here and I am hopeful we can be the help Little Bubba needs to raise the little squirt. And if nothing else, I am sure he will provide lots of stuff to blog about.

4. Bonnie Blue is in her sophomore year of college and has moved off campus into a new apartment complex. They have finally opened the local restaurant where she is working so traveling to the closest location at 30 to 45 minutes is over. She will be working full time until school starts back up in September. I know she is happy living/working there but I miss having time with her. May have to get in the car this weekend and go visit.

5. I am back to work...at an agricultural firm doing weekly payroll and AP. Getting out of the house was a good thing. I am enjoying having something to do on a daily basis.

As a family we have had an eventful year. My father had quad bypass heart surgery, my mother had hernia surgery and we lost Bonnie Blue's Papa to cancer. This has definitely been enough for me!

See you next time...hopefully I will be more faithful.