Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow...It's been too long!

Ok...I knew I wouldn't be very good at this whole blogging thing but this is a little ridiculous!! Quit work and can't seem to find time to sit down at the computer but I am going to make an promises but good intentions.

Tanker is still Active Duty. He had surgery on his shoulder in March and is doing good with it. He actually worked on the Camaro when he was last home. Decisions are needing to be made because his orders will probably not be renewed in November. This will be the end of a 2 year stint as an OC/T what to do? Stay tuned!

Bonnie Blue turned 17 on Monday. Can't believe my baby is going to be a Senior in High School!!! Senior pics were taken last week and school starts tomorrow so I guess it is happening if I am ready for it or not. She had a very busy summer. Took advantage of a program at Louisiana Tech which takes high school juniors and seniors for the summer. She lived on campus, took Algebra and Biology, and came home with B's in both classes. It was a great opportunity for her and I am really proud of her!!

Little Bubba is now the proud daddy of an even littler bubba. I guess I am getting used to being a grandma but is not easy to do living so far away. We were looking forward to seeing them this summer but a job change delayed that so I am hopeful everyone will be here for Christmas.

Big Bubba is now married to Miss Smitten. They had a beautiful wedding last November and are looking forward to her completion of this year of schooling. They were able to come down I guess about a month ago and all seems to be going well. He has been training for a marathon and calls on Saturday mornings after his run to give me an update. Who would have thought that a child I gave birth to would be able to run 20 miles??!!!

And me, Scarlett. I am not back to work yet...have really enjoyed being available to Bonnie Blue and Tanker. Joined Weight Watchers about a year ago and made Lifetime after loosing 31 lbs. Have gained a few back in the past month since I quit smoking...but I haven't had a cigarette in over 30 days, am back on program, and lost 2.4 lbs. last week. WOO HOO!! There have been some medical issues going on and I may get into that at some point but enough for now...

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Miss Smitten said...

Miss Smitten just found your site... checked in on a random thought and found the update :-) We're looking forward to your visit this weekend!