Friday, March 26, 2010

One day at a time

Slowly but surely, we are getting things off our To-Do list:

1. Kitchen - backsplash has been installed. Love, love LOVE it! Now I am debating painting one wall red.

2. Little Bubba's bathroom - flooring is done. I told hubby that it wouldn't need painted but as soon as he got the flooring down I realized it needed to be freshened up a bit. That was done with Eddie Bauer Pecan. Today the hubster is adding the new molding.

3. Our master bath. We ordered the ceiling (Armstrong tounge and groove planks) but they won't be in for a week or so. Painting was completed last night (Alabaster by Eddie Bauer). Flooring has been purchased and will go down last.

4. Master bedroom. I have moved the office stuff into the red room and am reclaiming this room!! Picked out the paint and need to get the bedding. Why does Better Homes and Gardens advertise their bedding and then not have it available at Walmart? Debating on ordering it online but I so want to get this room done yesterday!!

5. The red room has been reclaimed. I moved the boys into BB's old room and have the office and all my craft stuff in there. Needs some tweeking.

6. Little Bubba's bedroom. Moved the boys into BB's old room and got him a new comforter. Need to try dying the drapes and have him install the blinds.

7. Finished my SPRING decorations and would love to include a picture here. That is the next thing I am learning to do!!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

And another one off the list!!

The bug has truly hit!! Last night I finished a shadow box I was making for our daughter using the Mardi Gras mask she got this year and some of the beads. Need to get a picture of this...really proud!

And hubby got the floor down in the small bathroom this morning. We need to get some more molding tomorrow but it is about done! And he has figured how much we need for our bathroom. Hopefully I will get that purchased tomorrow too!!

Slowly but surely...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been,, checking out alot of crafting, home remodeling blogs. There are so, SO many things I want to do at the house and we are finally getting things done. The list:

1. Trash green couch in the living room and rearrange furniture. CHECK!

2. Take out carpet in small bathroom and put down tile. Carpet up, tile down tomorrow!

3. Take out carpet in master bath and put down tile.

4. Put up new tounge and groove ceiling in master bathroom. Have it picked out!

5. Put new backsplash in kitchen. I have picked it out and Tanker purchased it yesterday!!

6. Flower beds cleaned out and new mulch put down. Jed weeded. I need to buy mulch.

7. Need to "spring" up our master bedroom. Not sure what I am going to do yet.

I have been more productive since my last pity party! I got Caitlin's bedroom cleaned out and moved Bubba #2 into there. The red room is now back to being a spare bedroom and I was able to move all my craft stuff in there and organize it alittle. I have been nesting I guess and wanted my quilts and quilt racks back out so they have come out of storage and are in the revamped living room.

Maybe this spring will be the beginning of something good...