Friday, September 04, 2009

Latest Updates

Well, just when I think things are going to calm down and get back to normal (??) my world gets rocked again. And this time in a good way.

Our middle son, affectionately named Little Bubba, has moved home with his son...who will be all of three years old in October. Just when I thought I would be dealing with my empty nest...we are no longer empty.

And can I tell you that this child is a dream. Well...most of the time! We have had a couple of months to get used to all being together and have to admit that I would be kicking and screaming if they tried to take him away from me now!!!

For reasons I will never understand, his mother has given him to his dad and allowed them to move 10 hours away.As much as I wish they were all able to be together as a family, I am grateful that we will be able to spend time with him.

So, we are getting into a routine. The first week they were here was Vacation Bible School at our church and he had a ball. He is falling into the routine there and doing Children's Choir on Wednesday night. They are getting something ready for Christmas and I am hopeful he will sing along. He has Jesus Loves Me down pat and the babysitter says he will very often get the other kids to sing along with him!!

Little Bubba is working at the grain elevator where I work. They are in the middle of harvest so he is working 12-13 hours a day and is absolutely exhausted. It allows me time with Bryce in the evening but this kid sure loves to spend time with his dad. He will fight sleep with all he has just to spend a couple of minutes with daddy at night!!

So pray for Grandma! My 50th birthday is rapidly approaching and I sure didn't think I would be running around after a three year old but I will admit it is too much fun!!!

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