Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayers Needed

I went with a friend of mine to visit her best friend in the hospital last evening and it really was a slap in the face for me. We have dealt with a death in our extended family during the past few months and although I certainly was not ready for Bonnie Blue's Papa to leave us...I knew it was time. He had made his peace with the people he felt he needed to and his relationship with God was secure. I even had the "you need to tell him it is okay for him to go" discussion with his daughter. He was tired of fighting and just needed those he was leaving to let him know that it was okay.

Now I see this women who is younger than I am who has been fighting...and I mean FIGHTING...the situation she is in for years and she is just tired. And I cannot even begin to see how something good could come out of her passing. I firmly believe God has this all under control and normally don't question "why?" but this one is just beyond my understanding. I quess that is where faith comes in to play.

I spent the entire time driving to the hospital whining and complaining about a variety of things...only to get to the hospital and see that all that stuff doesn't matter. Please remember her in your prayers as well as her devoted husband and two children. She has been in the hospital for two weeks now and I don't think her husband has gone home once (not that we didn't offer to stay with her last night and send him home).

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