Friday, February 11, 2011

So Glad It's Friday

Almost done with week one of Made to Crave. I should have gotten the book on my Kindle. Stuggling to keep up. I am alone with Bryce in the evening and as much as I absolutely love makes it difficult to get all my reading done at night. Am going to have to try the morning.

Have really struggled all the way around this week. Our word for this week is EMPOWERED and I have felt anything but this week. Ate oreo cookies last night...not going to was 12 of them. But I am trying to look at this failure as a new start!! Must get more exercise in this week!

Drill this weekend so Tanker won't be home. His birthday is Sunday so he is convinced that Big Bubba's baby will be born that day! this granny is ready!! Then Sunday night he goes into the VA for a sleep study. That should be interesting!

My remember....chant...thought for the day is: The scale can measure the weight of my body but never the worth as a woman. Thank you Lysa!!

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