Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Made To Crave

OK...back to life as we know it!! We have started a new bible study - Made To Crave - and it has been an interesting journey. I started back on Weight Watchers at the first of the year and had seen info about this new book on the KLove radio stations website. Food has such control over my life...and not in a good way! I had quit smoking about four years ago but the only way I have been able to maintain is by not starting again. I would love, LOVE to have a cigarette even today but I know that if I have one it is all over! But food...

Food is a whole different story. We need food to sustain us daily but the excess is just not necessary. I have got to get the right balance...and like with smoking, I cannot do it by myself. This has to be a God thing! So if you are interested in joining me in the journey, please feel free.

The good thing with this attempt at weight loss is that while I would love to get into some skinny jeans it is more about being able to play with Bryce and to be around for the new grandbaby.

so....our word for this week is EMPOWERED. And satan tried first thing this morning to set me up to fail but I am not denied...I am empowered to make better choices. Please pray for me and my group of ladies. Pray that we get away from craving food and find peace in craving God!!

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