Monday, May 09, 2011


Really had a difficult weekend...well actually it's been the past several weeks and I am struggling to make sense of it all. Maybe writing will help so you are now subject to the ramblings of a 50+ year old crazy woman. Grab a cup of coffee and relax. It may be worth a few minutes of your time!!

Everything really started to fall apart a few months ago when I was planning a Simulcast of Pricilla Shirer's Going Beyond event. At the last minute I had gone to the Feminar event in Longview, TX and really felt the Lord telling me to arrange for the Simulcast. We needed something for the ladies in our church since they had cancelled the Women of Faith Conference in Shreveport this year. Maybe this was the first downfall...maybe it wasn't God leading me! But I sincerely felt I got home, talked to Byron and got his encouragement and signed up.

As usual, I was much more excited about the Simulcast than most of the women in our church. Thank goodness there were a few exceptions! Jeana and Berry Wayne really kept me going. And the Simulcast itself was FANTASTIC!! God was definately in the house that Friday night. Just what I needed.

Then Good Friday...Secret Church with David Platt. Couldn't get any one to go with me so I went to a church in West Monroe by myself. The most interesting, blessed, learning 6 hours!!! So sorry I couldn't get any one to come with me. I mean seriously, 6 hours of bible study with David Platt. Awesome!!

I then spent several days listening to various preachers on the internet.'s pastor, Craig Groeschel, spoke on "Wierd because Normal Isn't Working", had an awesome testimony, David Platt's first chapter of his new Radical book was stirring. Oh, and listened to Perry Noble at NewSpring and Steven Furtick at Elevation church.

All this, along with listening to nothing but Christian music and following new inspirational people on Twitter, have been very good for my mental facilities! The problem was that during this time everything at home was falling apart. TO BE CONTINUED...

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