Monday, May 09, 2011


Ed's orders with the National Guard where over the end of March 2011. The two months prior, there was something crazy going on with his paychecks...they say he was overpaid last year and starting taking money out each payperiod to repay. I was unable to get an answer from Ed about what/why this was being done. Still haven't really...he keeps insisting that there were payments made during the past year that he shouldn't have gotten. My feeling is that since he has been paid the same amount for the past several years...I don't follow. Asked him to get copies of his LES forms and show me but we have gotten no where with that. In the meantime, the bimonthly checks went from $2400 to $800. Quite a reduction in pay...

Then they stopped completely in April. With no prospects of any new job. It was over a month before he even started to look. And apply for unemployment?? Why we didn't do that until April 18th and a week later when I ask about it I am told "they need a copy of my orders". OK!!! And in the middle of all this...the VA decides that Caitlin is no longer eligible for any benefits. The 36 months became 12 and they cut her off. Fortunately, I had a little put away to pay for the balance due on this quarters tuition bill and to have her wisdom teeth removed. Did I mention that she needed to have all four removed??!!

And have I said anything about the fact that my house is not my home anymore? I love that fact that Bryce and Jed are living with us but I hate when Jed is working third shift. He gets to spend so much more time with his son...but that means that Bryce gets to spend so much more time with his Dad - read UNDISCIPLINED!! Church is becoming unbearable. I am amazed that those sitting around us haven't moved. Caitlin got to see it in all his glory yesterday.

I come home at night, go to my room and stay there. There is absolutely no interaction with the guys. It is absolute insanity most of the time. Either watching the SYFY channel or Spongebob Squarepants!! Even Hannah has started to hide. I was concerned because she kept sleeping next to the wall behind the desk at the door. Then she moved over to behind Eddie's chair and it dawned on me that she was hiding too!! The girls in this house are definately outnumbered!

All this is going on with a child who has moved home with his child and over the course of the last two years that they have been with us he has given me $150 to pay bills. I mean....really? He has a full time job. Even his vehicle is his dad's and we pay the insurance for it. I feel like a complete dube...we have allowed him to overtake our home, our finances and everything. Our lives revolve around Jed and Bryce. I want to do the right thing by them....but I am to where I don't know what that is anymore!


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