Friday, June 23, 2006

Our Travel Log

As I said last night, we ran away from home and went to visit Tanker. As much as I hate the drive, it was great to spend some time as a family. So far this summer, the time is flying by.

• Driver’s Ed…check. Bonnie Blue is now the proud holder of a Learner’s Permit. It’s hard to believe our baby is old enough for this phase of her life but I am getting used to it and have actually survived a couple of rides with her at the wheel.

• Visit Tanker…check. It is amazing to me how my body is no longer happy with me sitting in a vehicle and driving for 8 hours! I used to do that at the drop of a hat to go visit the folks in PA when we were living in Kentucky. Those were the good ole’ days, I guess. Then to top it off, when we got on post the AC was out in his room so we had to move him into another unit…at 10 PM to a room on the 3rd floor with no elevator. This man sure has accumulated a lot of stuff since he has been there!

• Wedding…check. We flew to Pittsburgh to see my youngest cousin’s wedding and had a great time. Flew in on Friday, had dinner with the folks and my brother’s family, wedding on Saturday, stayed with sister Saturday night, and flew back out at 0600 on Sunday. The visit was WAY too short but Tanker had to be back to work so it was the best we could do. Bonnie Blue stayed until Wednesday so we had a few days of couple time which was great (wink, wink).

We are now back home and have a day to get all of Bonnie Blue’s laundry done. We head back out tomorrow morning. She is going to be a youth counselor for our NG Kid’s AT and I am looking forward to a week of peace by myself. Time to get the house back in order.

And ahead we have…

Head back to Tanker. They are having a 4th of July blowout on the post with a concert that we are going to go to. It will be good to spend a normal 4th with Tanker. Last year he was in Iraq and I was with my sister attending my uncle’s funeral. The year before that Tanker was home on leave during their pre-deployment training and we just wanted family time.

We then will come home for a couple of days and then head to the coast with my girlfriend. A week on the white sands of Destin (with a side trip to the outlet mall) will do Bonnie Blue and me some good!

Now all I have to plan is a 16th birthday party for Bonnie Blue in August. I think I want to try to surprise her but I am clueless. Any suggestions?

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ms said...

sounds like a whirlwind tour! glad you were able to visit Tanker and family in PA. i know Big Bubba wanted to go, happens. hope you have fun riding with Bonnie Blue at the wheel! :)