Friday, June 30, 2006

My Turn To Brag

OK…one of the advantages of having a forum that few people read is that I can brag. And I am going to brag unabashedly!

This past week Bonnie Blue has been a Youth Counselor at our state’s National Guard Kids’ AT. It is a camp for kids of National Guardsmen that allows the kids to go away for a time like their parents do every summer for Annual Training (AT). I have tried over the past couple of years to get her interested in going as a camper and then last year as a Youth Counselor but she was never interested. Fortunately, this spring she attended a briefing at our armory that mentioned this camp and she showed some interest. Signed her up right away!!

Through the week I heard from her about every other night and she sounded like she was really enjoying herself. This is the kid who did absolutely nothing without her “posse”. If it was 4-H camp or church camp, she always did everything with a group of local kids and had never done anything like this where she knew absolutely no one! So that in and of itself made the whole week worthwhile.

And then…she was a squad leader. AND she was honored as the Youth Counselor of the Week for her Platoon. Too cool. She had an awesome time and now has a list of cell phone numbers for all of her new friends. Made her mama proud!!!

The other cool thing that happened is she got her ACT scores back. This is her first attempt (10th grade) and she was sure she had scored a 10 maybe 14 if she was lucky! Well she scored a 23 and was just thrilled. That will get her into any school in our state and will allow her to get the necessary state sponsored scholarships. She was upset with the science portion (which was 19 and brought down the 26 in English) but we know that the science program in this school district really stinks. Is there a science program in this district??!!

Anyway...the kid thinks this has been one of her best days in a long time!

I am done bragging and am going back to folding laundry. HOOAH!!

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