Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Run me over

WOW....still almost a week later (and after several interesting/sad events) I feel like I have been run over by a bus/truck/train!! Last Wednesday night I had the powwow with the preacher and the women in my church. We will call her "T". Basically, it all comes down to...she is jealous of my relationship with the preachers wife and is upset that I no longer talk to her. I tried to take the blame for that. I am not in a position to allow myself to be in conversations with her because I have been convicted of all the gossiping we did...I just need to stay away. But she feels that she no longer gossips as she has also been convicted. Unfortunately, I find that difficult to believe as she had a long convo with someone while her phone butt/boob dialed a friend....and the fact that this happened was told to me in confidence so I couldn't bring that up!! Bottom line, if I said it one time I said it six...I can't been the kind of friend she wants. Ended with Bryon disappointed with me because I didn't come back at her but I knew there was no hope in that and just pretty much kept my mouth shut!!
Then, things went from bad to worse. One of our deacons had been in the hospital for over 2 weeks. He really began to go downhill on Thursday, so I sent a text to my sunday school ladies (past and present) including T, asking for prayer. As he got worse through the day, I continued to update this group, including T, and she then was the one to call me to let me know that this man had passed. With the funeral, feeding the family and all apparently she is taking this to mean we are best buds again...!!!
So done with it all. The Gray family will be leaving on Friday. We are having one last hoorah at the church on Wednesday night. Am tired of crying...I am going to miss them terribly! I hope God has a terrific man ready to come to our church, and soon!

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