Monday, June 27, 2011

More in the continuing sage with "T"

Since no one reads this blog I am using it to keep track of the stuff going on with T since the last time she had a list of everything I had done wrong...and since I don't care enough about all of this to waste brain cells I am going to do the documenting here. I mean, I swear this woman had a listing of EVERY possible time I had done something that she didn't like/hurt her feelings/or upset her in any way. The sad thing...I remember none of it. In most cases when she brought it up it shocked me that she was hurt. Anyway....

OK...this is the first Sunday evening we have had DT since our preacher left. I am the sub in his class so I figured it was my responsibility to plan something and I did. Even tho it was only a video! After our service, I announced that our class would be meeting in the sanctuary. At that time "T" came up to me and said something to the affect that she was surprised that I had something planned because she is the DT Director and all. I offered to back down she said no need, go ahead. And then informed me that she had talked to someone about teaching the class and he was looking at the material. First of all, we don't have material in this class. When I said that she said she had to talked to Bonnie about getting some and "he" was going to review the material and see if he was willing to teach. Would not tell me who when I questioned...which is fine. But NONE of this was discussed in our class. We spoke a few weeks ago when Byron resigned about the need for a man to step up...I don't feel I should be teaching this class. But we certainly didn't talk about any material.

Why do I let myself be upset by this kind of stuff? She is just flexing...but I did end up calling Bonnie and asking if I was out of line to be concerned. She had been presented with the need for material by T and was under the impression that we as a class had discussed it. So she didn't feel I was out of line but now as I write this I just continue to be sad. When we need to be circling the wagons this is coming up. AND I REFUSE TO LET SATAN INVOLVE ME IN ANYTHING THAT WILL BE HARMFUL TO MY CHURCH!!!

Enough said...

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