Sunday, May 14, 2006


OK...What's the deal with guys and Mother's Day? Earlier this week I ordered some chocolate covered strawberry's for my mother (her absolute favorite) and decided I should check with Tanker about his mom. I am thinking with the new laptop he has that he should be able to do the online thing for her too - but nooo he hadn't even thought about it!

So, this morning there is a beautiful plant in a really unusual container sitting on her table in all the colors that she loves. And she will spend another delusional year thinking her youngest son thought of her today. I just hope he remembers to call her!

The things we do for our loved ones...

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Princess Mommy said...

I always have to do the same for my husband. I think I'm lucky I didn't have to get something for myself! I actually don't mind since I think I have better taste in flowers :)