Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Our Pathetic Life

Can anyone explain to me what's up with Grey's Anatomy? This is one show that Bonnie Blue and I both have on our "must see" list and Sunday/Monday's finale was no exception. We have gotten to where we watch everything after the fact on Tivo but didn't on Monday. Sat through commercials and all. Isn't Tivo wonderful?! There were so many good parts:

  • Webber...His wife setting him straight. It was a "You go girl!" moment.
  • Webber's neice...When she is telling him that she has been loved. Cool.
  • George...God bless him. He just needs to get over Meredith but I am not convinced that the bone girl is my choice for him.
  • Yang...I know this girl has emotional issues but please! I was glad she finally got over it and did the right thing with Burke.
  • Izzy...can you say dumb blond? Make that dumb, dumb blond. But then when Denny said it was his turn and gave his little speech, Bonnie Blue says "How cheesie!". It was a good opportunity for me to explain to her that I hope she finds someone who is that cheesie with her.
  • Doc...The tears started when they were putting him to sleep. I guess having just gone through that ourselves it just hit too close to home. I was glad to see Meredith pull her hand away when Derek touched her.
  • Alex...I knew this guy always had it in him. When he picked Izzy up and held her - we started the ugly cry!

I am so over the whole Meredith/McDreamy thing. We both were actually screaming at the TV when they went into the room...DON'T KISS HER...OH NO. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO. Once again, I am making a learning experience from a fictual television show.

So, does she pick Finn or McDreamy? We have decided that she really needs to not pick either of them and should go back to knitting. We like the vet too much to want him involved in all her drama and since Derek decided to stick it out with his wife he ought to stay there.

How pathetic is this? A whole, longwinded post on a TV show!!!

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Greg said...

I dunno. I tried to watch it once. Couldn't do it. Not even after being couped up in my room for 2 weeks.