Monday, May 22, 2006

Reading of interest

There are several blogs that I on a pretty regular basis and have been following a few stories that you may find of interest:

This is a story I have been following since Brian Kilmeade did a story on Fox and Friends. I sent a card to Joshua during his stay at Walter Reed and have wondered what has been happening since. Take a tissue and check out the story on Joshua Sparling at The Gunn Nutt . You will see the best and the absolute worst America has to offer.

Another story I have been following is the closing of Fran O’Brien’s restaurant in the Capital Hilton, Washington, DC. Here is the latest, thanks to Fuzzilicious Thinking …and yes, I will be joining the boycott of all Hilton properties.

And last but certainly not least, Greg is a soldier that I have been following for awhile. He is back from Iraq and is now battling colon cancer. Leave a note of encouragement for him and his wife, Sher.


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