Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Take a minute...

As usual, I am running behind, but May is Military Appreciation Month.

Loyalty Day, May 1
VE Day, May 8
Military Spouse Day, May 12
Armed Forces Day, May 20
Memorial Day, May 29

Make a point this month to thank an servicemember (active/guard/reserve), veteran, or military family member. I know, from personal experience, that just letting a servicemember's family know that you appreciate their sacrifice will be greatly appreciated. Alot of times, the family member of a servicemember (especially guard and reserve) feel very isolated while their soldier is deployed. Most live miles away from a military installation and the people they interact with on a daily basis are understandably clueless. Let them know you care!

We purchased a new home about 3 years before Tanker was deployed. For months I had been complaining about the fact that I could not get a sturdy enough flag pole to fly my flag on because there is always a rather strong wind at our house. I can't even begin to tell you how many bent flag poles I have thrown away!! Tanker had been overseas about 3 months when Bonnie Blue and I went to Big Bubba's college graduation. On the way home I spent a good bit of the 4 hour ride feeling sorry for everyone because Tanker was not there to see him walk. I mean, he was so proud of the fact that Big Bubba was a college graduate...and had done it pretty much on his own with the academic scholarships he had received...and Tanker was thousands of miles away. Let me tell you - I can work up a pretty good pity party and I was at the peak when we pulled in our road and I saw something in my headlights that looked totally out of place. There in the perfect spot in the middle of my front yard was a gleaming commercial grade flag pole!! I sat there for several moments with the lights shining on it and tears streaming down my face looking at both the United States and Army flags flying. Friends of ours from our church had taken the time to put this up while we were gone! I can't even begin to explain how much this meant/means to me.

So the moral of the story is...take some time to listen and learn what you can do to help a military family. It doesn't have to be this time consuming (although Dennis swears to this day that it took them no time at all to get it cemented in) but do something to let them know you are there for them!!

And make sure your flag is flying...

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