Sunday, May 07, 2006

Who's Who

Since I will be attempting to post anonymously...I do have a teenage daughter that I seem to embarrass with great frequency and a husband in the military (wouldn't want to ruin his career completely!)...I thought it might be helpful to tell you who's who.

Hubby is affectionately referred to as Tanker. Just seems to fit. He is currently on Active Duty training troops to deploy overseas and loving it. The only down side is he is stationed about 8 hours from home. We are used to him being away from home alot (his civilian job was a long haul flatbed trucker) but after the deployment it just seems that we should get back to normal - whatever that is!

Our oldest son (24 y/o) is Big Bubba and graduated from college while Tanker was in Iraq. He lives about 4 hours away and is planning on going to law school. Big Bubba is absolutely smitten with a wonderful young lady who I am sure will be our daughter-in-law shortly.

Our next son (23) is Little Bubba. Daughter nicknamed them that years ago! Little Bubba lives "up north" about 13 hours away, and is settling down with a great girl (and her 2 y/0 daughter). They are expecting a child in October '06. I am hoping they will marry before the baby is born!

Daughter (15) is Bonnie Blue although this may become BB or Bonnie because I tend to be just lazy sometimes. I asked her for a nickname suggestion and she followed the whole Tara theme here. She is the only child left in the house and is spoiled rotten. While shopping today I decided we may have to have an intervention to handle her shoe addiction problem!

And I am Scarlett. I am a 40 something wife, and about to be stay at home mom. I have decided that I need to be available for both Tanker and Bonnie Blue this summer. I expect by the time school starts in the fall I will be needing to go back to work but, who knows, maybe I will actually enjoy the domestic goddess thing! I am involved with a great group called Soldier's Angels - check them out at - and am a co-leader for Tankers unit's FRG (Family Readiness Group). You will probably begin to see a thread in my posts. I am very pro-military and have absolutely no tolerance for those who do anything to disrespect the work these folks are doing for us. Enough said.

So, there you go. Until next time...


delftsman3 said...

Thanks for dropping by my place.

Please relate my thanks to Tanker for his service. Having "red Fridays" may seem to be such a small gesture, but having been staioned overseas on long deployment, I can attest to the fact that even the smallest of gestures can have a significant impact on moral.

Melinda said...

Nice to meet you, Scarlett. :) Thanks for visiting!

Good luck to Big Bubba on the law school track & the future d-i-l.